i-netLock+ 4.1

A multi-function Internet utility for locking/unlocking NICs, managing user IDs/passwords, logging i
3.2 (See all)

i-netLock+ is an Internet utility and an Internet Explorer browser helper object that identifies all NICs present in PC, locks/unlocks individual NIC, monitors and displays up/down traffic rates,
manages encrypted user IDs and passwords, shreds files for permanent deletion,
automates login processes at various web sites, automates the form filling process with personal data such as addresses and credit card, and finally, allows you to define personalized routes to make your surfing more fun and productive. A route is a sequence of web sites and a set of actions to take on each site. Actions include navigation keystrokes and capture-and-print current window.

i-netLock+ takes up only a tiny screen real-estate but packs a lot of functionalities. It protects your PC by locking NIC and strong encryption features. And when you are surfing, it can automate the login process and visiting a list of routine sites, called a route, with minimum input. As a browser helper object in Internet Explorer, it provides keyboard shortcuts to print or save the web page without the annoying popup dialog boxes, and to fill out the web forms with your address and credit card info. In summary, i-netLock+ is designed to make your Internet experience both secure and productive.

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